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PHOTO WORKSHOP IN CRETE – 4 DAYS (from 6 persons)

Master a good time for all your camera in Chania (Greece - Crete) (From 6 persons) With photographer Olivier Blaise 3 INTENSIVE DAYS TO MASTER YOUR CAMERA Initiation, Improvement: Sunrise, sunset, retouching 4 DAYS TO DISCOVER THE BEAUTIFUL VENETIAN CITY OF CANEY Photo report, excursion to 15th and 16th century monasteries STAY IN INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP (maximum 6 pers.) (*) excluding flights. 5% discount on groups already made up of 6 people   Educational program of the photo internship 1 - Introduction to the principles of digital photography: resolution, sensors, formats 2 - Improvement in photo techniques: sharpness, exposure, sensitivity 3 - Construction of an image: observation, composition, framing 4 - Develop your curiosity, share your emotions around a creative activity 5 - Awaken to art, history and Mediterranean culture: observe, imagine Your animator photographer: Olivier Blaise is a renowned professional photographer and videographer who won the 1st prize of the World Press Photo in the Nature & Environment category. Asked by many magazines, he is a photojournalist in West Africa, India, United States for ethnographic and ecological reports. He regularly makes documentaries for television. Olivier Blaise lives in Samois-sur-Seine since 2005 on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau where he organizes advanced courses in the forest. See references of Olivier Blaise on Required material: The ideal is to carry a SLR camera. If compact cameras have the advantage of being light, the use of manual modes is often much less convenient than on a SLR. Nevertheless, the compact "high end" allow a relatively simple manual operation. Same remark with devices called "Bridge". If you have multiple devices and lenses, do not hesitate to pack everything. Make sure that you have direct access, using knobs or buttons (not via menus), to the following most commonly used functions: Iris, Shutter Speed, ISO Sensitivity, and Balance Settings whites. Plan multiple memory cards and at least
per person (Minimum 6 adultes)
per person (Minimum 4 adultes)
per person (Minimum 2 adultes)