Crete is a paradise for hiking thanks to its exceptional climate.

Go on an adventure with a precise road map, taking the best roads, with the most beautiful landscapes and views, stop in the best taverns and rest in friendly and friendly hotels with sea views.

This circuit will allow you to come back to the sources, walk between sea and mountain, in a pure and safeguarded nature, on the most beautiful hikes of the North West of Crete, to feast of the good Cretan cuisine light and subtle thanks to its healthy products and ripened in the sun all year round.


  • Take a big breath of oxygen, in the nature, between sea and mountain.
  • To move away from cities, to find simple happiness, in contact with a genuine and warm population.
  • Strengthen your body by walking from village to village, through olive groves, orchards, vineyards and ancient sites.
  • Discover traditional plants and organic local products.
  • Feeding on healthy and quality products (fruits, vegetables, honey yoghurt, Greek salads, pressed fruit juices).






Charming 2 ** hotel in Chania with a sea view near the center of the city and its beautiful shaded taverns, under Bouguinvilliers bower (2 nights, first and last day).






Nice 3 *** hotel with beach and sea view. Swimming and pool (2 nights).






Charming 3 *** hotel in quiet village, overlooking the sea, ideally located for hiking (3 nights)




Home by the teams Soleil de Crète Voyages

Delivery of the log book.

Installation at the hotel 2 ** quiet near the old city with sea view

Stroll on the old port of Chania.


Discovery of the old Venetian city of Chania and its picturesque streets.

Morning tour of the old town and departure in the afternoon for Akrotiri Peninsula

Installation at the 3 *** hotel facing the sea (Stavros).


Hike of the 3 monasteries (Katoliki, Gouverneto, Triada).

Superb hike on the hillside above the sea. The hermits set up their monasteries there in the 15th century.

Back between vineyards and olive groves to Stavros Lagoon, where the movie ‘Zorba the Greek’ was shot with Antony Queen. Swimming in the turquoise waters.

Rest at the hotel *** facing the sea (Stavros)


Departure for western Chania, a region renowned for the quality of its extra virgin olive oil exported all over the world.

Installation in a charming hotel 2 ** in a small village overlooking the sea (Kolomvari).

Short hike in the hinterland among the olive trees.

Excellent fish restaurant for dinner at night above the fishing port (arrival fishing each morning).

Rest at the hotel 3 *** on the hill (Kolomvari)


Hiking in the vineyards and hills of Olivier.

Very beautiful region of olive trees, orchards and vineyards with many departures hiking, green landscapes overlooking the sea.

Crossings of typical villages.

Rest at the hotel 3 *** on the hill (Kolomvari)


Hiking in the vineyards and olive hills.

Very beautiful region of olive trees, orchards and vineyards with many departures hiking, green landscapes overlooking the sea.

Crossing of typical villages.


Hiking trekking on the tip of Rodopou.

Beautiful hike solo or accompanied by a local guide (recommended) to discover the most beautiful views of the bay and local aromatic plants already used in antiquity for their therapeutic virtues (diktam, oregano, wild tea, .. .).

Installation at the 3 *** hotel facing the sea on the bay of Kissamos (classified Natura 2000).

Splendid view of the wild bay of Kissamos with turquoise waters.

Rest at the 3 *** hotel facing the sea (Kissamos bay)


Hiking on the ancient Minoan site of Polyrinia.

The Minoans, an impressive Cretan civilization established in the 3rd-2nd millennium BC J.-C. From Polyrinia, thanks to a breathtaking view of the whole bay, they could watch any invasions attempts and take refuge in time in the mountains. The city was later inhabited by the Romans who built cisterns (many remains).

Back to the 3 *** hotel facing the sea (Kissamos bay)

Polyrrhenia was a city state that flourished from Archaic (6th century BC) to Roman times.


Hiking on the Balos Lagoon

Exceptional lagoon classified Unesco with limpid and turquoise waters. The pirates had settled there because of the shallows where the boats came to run aground. Bathing. Impressive corniche road. Possibility also to access by boat.

DAY 10

Back to Chania.

Departure back to France


The reception at the airport by the team Soleil de Crète Voyages.

The delivery of the log book and all the practical advice to be autonomous.

Accommodation in 2 ** and 3 *** hotels with sea views most of the time.

The guarantee of deposited funds (professional license).

This rate is per person (minimum 4 adults> 12 years old). If only two people (+ 25%). This rate applies outside the high season (July, August, September) or requires otherwise a supplement.



Return flight France – Crete.

Hiking guides (highly recommended to discover the country and people).

A car rental (highly recommended to save time traveling).

Meals, breakfasts and drinks (count 7 euros on average by a breakfast

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