Crete, the Island of the Gods!

Crete nicknamed the Island of the Gods where Zeus was born, the God of the Gods, the largest island of Greece, is like a continent alone that has all the assets: sun, sea, beaches, water in abundance thanks to its high mountains fertilizing the plains and hills of olive trees as far as the eye can see.

Highly coveted, Crete was the cradle of the highly refined Minoan civilization in the time of the Egyptians. Many remains to visit, as well as beautiful Orthodox monasteries of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Its agricultural products are also particularly abundant and healthy (olive oil, fruits, vegetables, honey, grapes, …). Its famous Cretan diet makes it a paradise of Mediterranean gastronomy, cuisine to be enjoyed without moderation in taverns in the shade of olive trees.

Located in the south-east of the Mediterranean basin, just a few hours flight from France, Crete offers all the assets for a varied and enjoyable holiday: sports, cultural, tourist, gastronomic and / or simply relaxing on the beach .

An exceptional climate.

Spring is beautiful, with a profusion of flowers and a pastoral mountain. The autumn is delicious, with its warm waters, its gentle and warm wind until December (sirocco). The winter remains very pleasant with a temperature ranging between 15 and 25 degrees during the day and its 2,500 m high white mountains offer the possibility of hiking in the snow and swimming at the same time in the south of the island. The summer is very hot, and offer long evenings very pleasant.


Chania (Chania in Greek), Venice of the Mediterranean.

Marvelous city endowed with a port and arsenals Venetian, Chania was inhabited successively by the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Ottomans who all left their traces there: fortresses, churches, beautiful mansions, alleys and old taverns.

Chania, facing the sea, is a city where it is good to live and walk, stroll on the port, stop for lunch or dinner under the arbours shaded by jasmine, lemon and orange trees.

The cultural life in Chania is also lively all year long (exhibitions, conferences, concerts …). The Cretans, a warm and welcoming people, are lovers of the arts.


Crete is a paradise for hiking thanks to its exceptional climate. Go on an adventure with a precise road map, taking the best roads, with the most beautiful landscapes and views, stop in the best taverns and rest in friendly and friendly hotels with sea views. This circuit will allow you to come back to the sources, walk between sea and mountain, in a pure and safeguarded nature, on the most beautiful hikes of the North West of Crete, to feast of the good Cretan cuisine light and subtle thanks to its healthy products and ripened in the sun all year round. STRONG POINTS : Take a big breath of oxygen, in the nature, between sea and mountain. To move away from cities, to find simple happiness, in contact with a genuine and warm population. Strengthen your body by walking from village to village, through olive groves, orchards, vineyards and ancient sites. Discover traditional plants and organic local products. Feeding on healthy and quality products (fruits, vegetables, honey yoghurt, Greek salads, pressed fruit juices).         ACCOMMODATION: Charming 2 ** hotel in Chania with a sea view near the center of the city and its beautiful shaded taverns, under Bouguinvilliers bower (2 nights, first and last day).           Nice 3 *** hotel with beach and sea view. Swimming and pool (2 nights).           Charming 3 *** hotel in quiet village, overlooking the sea, ideally located for hiking (3 nights)   PROGRAM CIRCUIT: DAY 1 Home by the teams Soleil de Crète Voyages Delivery of the log book. Installation at the hotel 2 ** quiet near the old city with sea view Stroll on the old port of Chania. DAY 2 Discovery of the old Venetian city of Chania and its picturesque streets. Morning tour of the old town and departure in the afternoon for Akrotiri
per person (Minimum 4 adultes)


20 hours around Cretan gastronomy STRONG POINTS : This stay will allow you to discover all the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine that you can easily redo at home. 10 hours of cooking classes with 4 different chefs The wine route and olive oil Gourmet discovery in 3 good restaurants   10 hours of cooking classes with 4 different chefs 4 hours of lessons and tasting with Iosif (head of the Chania Academy of Gastronomy) The best way to get to know Cretan gastronomy is to explore it with your senses, to get involved in the baking process according to traditional recipes and to indulge in it. Our master cook will teach you how to prepare a five course meal of the traditional Cretan village with only fresh local ingredients - meat, vegetables, smoked cups, cheeses and much more, all of these recipes are based on the best quality of olive oil. extra virgin olive. . After the lesson, you can sit down with your new gourmet friends and savor the five-course meal you have just cooked, pairing it with an excellent Cretan wine chosen by our sommelier. Wine and refreshments are free. After our class, you can prepare a traditional Cretan meal that will delight your senses! In addition to the memories of this unique experience, you will take with you the recipes with the ingredients, the portions and all the details allowing you to impress your friends at home. Detailed information on cooking classes: Highlights: Preparation of a traditional five-course Cretan lunch (wine and refreshments included). Includes: Five-course meal with local wine, apron and bandana, recipe folder, coffee and refreshments upon arrival. Duration: 10h30 to 14h30 (~ 4 hours) Notes: Minimum number of participants 6 people. The maximum number of participants 12 people. The Chania gastronomy classes are adapted to vegetarians; we can adapt the original dishes accordingly for groups of vegans or vegans
per person (Minimum 4 adultes)
5.00 / 1 review
per person (Minimum 2 adultes)
5.00 / 3 reviews
per person (Minimum 2 adultes)
per person (Minimum 4 adultes)
per person (Minimum 2 adultes)


20 heures d'équitation tous niveaux (cours ou randonnées) entre amis ou en famille (4 à 8 personnes). STRONG POINTS : - An exceptional equestrian center in montages located 30 minutes from Chania - Horses raised in nature and in the love of those who care for them. - Beautiful hiking on the peaks with sea views and access to beaches for swimming. - An itinerant circuit (optional minimum 4 persons) of 5 days for confirmed riders with bivouacs and hotels (+ 250 euros). ACCOMMODATION: Charming 3 *** hotel 20 meters from the beach, with pool, bar, restaurant, located halfway between the equestrian center and Chania. The hotelier speaks French and English. PROGRAM CIRCUIT: DAY 1 Taking the car to Heraklion airport or Chania. Installation at the hotel and dinner. DAY 2 Free morning. Afternoon: Discovery of the equestrian center and horses (3 hours). The first day is devoted to evaluate the level of each one, to get to know the horses, to ride in a carousel according to the dispositions of each one. DAY 3 Free morning. Afternoon: Lesson or hike following your level (3 hours) DAY 4 Free morning. Afternoon: Lesson or hike following your level (3 hours) DAY 5 Free morning. Afternoon: Lesson or hike following your level (3 hours) DAY 6 Free morning. Afternoon: Lesson or hike following your level (3 hours) DAY 7 Full day horseback riding with picnic (5 hours) DAY 8 Return to France Departure airport. Allow 2.5 hours by car to reach Heraklion airport.   WHAT IS INCLUDED: The delivery of a car category B (insurance included, supplement 8 € per day for full insurance). Full board accommodation in a 3 *** Hotel by the beach with swimming pool (one drink included per meal). The guarantee of deposited funds (professional license). This rate is per person (minimum 2 adults). IMPORTANT: Ce tarif ne s'applique pas pour la haute
per person (Minimum 4 adultes)