Aptera is a group of beautiful remains dating from the 1st century BC. J.C. (public baths, amphitheater, cisterns) but also Roman (vestige Roman villa) overlooking the entrance to the bay of Souda.

A timeless atmosphere permeates this place that remains strategic, with a splendid view over the bay, the deepest of the Mediterranean still hosting a naval base of NATO.

Adults (Entry ticket included) : 30 € ; Childrens < 12 years old  : – 50%


This lesson is an introduction of the Greek philosophers (Platon, Aristote, Epicure, …) and given in English or in French by a Doctor in Philosophy PhD. and teacher at the University of Chania.

Adult from 13 years old : 30 €


Introduction of the history of Chania with venitian maps and a glass of cretan win in the oldest monastery of Chania given in English of French by the président of French association of Chania.

Adults : 25 € ;  Childrens < 12 years old  : – 50%

Discovery of contemporary art galleries of Chania,

accompanied by a professor of art history and exhibition administrator.

Adults: 30 €. Children <12 years old: – 50%

Discover the treasures of the old city of Chania (museums, churches, alleys, palaces) and traces of its Byzantine, Roman, Venetian and Ottoman inhabitants with a specialized historian.

Adults : 30 €  ; Childrens < 12 years old : – 50%

Discovery of two exceptional Orthodox monasteries of the XVI and XVII centuries.

Guided tour to understand religion and the Orthodox rite.

Adults : 35 € ; Childrens < 12 years old : 17 €