Soleil-de-Crète® Advisor

How does it works ?

1 – You leave us an electronic message with your project

2 – We reply within 48 hours

3 – You choose to be accompanied by Soleil-de-Crète® Advisor and set the opening fees (100 euros all taxes included).

4 – We guide you in a choice of hotels, tours, activities according to your tastes.

5 – You validate your stay and proceed, with our help, to reservations.

6 – You pay the fees of Soleil-de-Crète® equivalent to 10% of the total final price including VAT of your stay flight included.

7 – You receive telephone assistance from Soleil-de-Crète® for the duration of your stay, if necessary.

IMPORTANT: Soleil-de-Crète® Consulting is not a travel Agency that distributes tours of tour operators and airline tickets. Soleil-de-Crète advises individuals and professionals in setting up their stay in Crete (Greece) and guides them in their reservations to be closer to theirs wishes.

(More information on how it works see Terms of Use)


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 Join your Soleil-de-Crète® advisor by phone : + 33 6 61 13 47 27