Our advice to travel in Crète from 399 €* (5 days / 4 nights) – Accommodation + Reservations

(* + Flight from 160 € hotel – Contact us)



Depending on your time, your budget and your interest, we recommend the best places and hotels for your stay.

We deliver all the practical aspects to organize your trip (transport, visits, excursions, beaches, restaurants, walks, comfort services, welfare,...).

We provide telephone support if you need during your stay.

Our local partners speak French or English and welcome you to live THE AUTHENTIC TRIP you've dreamed.

Contact us at the: + 33 (9) 83 20 00 15 to talk about your project or write to us at contact@soleil-de-crete.fr

Agency limited fees: 10% of the total price final ttc of your trip (1 free exchange). €100 to open file.

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Visit Chania Venetian Harbour and narrow streets and authentic taverns. Hotel on the beach. Discover the culture and Cretan cuisine. Excursions to archaeological sites, picturesque inland villages, orchards and products of organic agriculture, beach sunsets, walks on the old port.


  • Sports (walking, riding, climbing, fishing, sailing).
  • Cultural (historical and archeological visit with guide).
  • Arts (drawing, painting, watercolor, picture, iconography, pottery, sculpture lessons on demand).
  • Gastronomy (discover good taverns and local biologic product, wine, olives oil, fruits and vegetables, cooking lessons on demand).
  • Local customs (music and Cretan dance, Orthodox religious and Eastern week, cultural events).
  • Well-being (massages, Yoga, esthetic natural organic products, Cretan fast).

Ask us for the prices list of Activities. 

Rent any vehicle with our local partner speaking English and French (ask us for the prices).


First telephone exchange and estimate: FREE Opening fees: 100 € TTC to be paid by check or bank transfer Study of the project, closure and assistance with reservations: 10% of the final price of the stay (flight included) to be paid by check or bank transfer. Conditions of refund: Non-refundable opening fees. Study project, closure and reservations refundable only if delivery in Crete not realizable. Read more:Read Terms and Conditions.

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